iphone App Development Series: Lesson 1-What do you need to get started?

After reading the first essay, where should I start?

you decided to start developing iphone apps:) I think you made the right choice
. in the next future, there will be a great development and a growing demand for mobile applications.

You have chosen iphone apps in particular, so I’m glad you picked the best:) 
Although there are many competitors, iphone apps takes a good share and offers excellent return to developers


App Store Statistics

You also notice from the previous picture the large size of the applications and the number of downloads on the App Store

The most important thing Apple has to offer its developers is the great protection system that prevents application hacking since when you launch your own app on the App store you will not be afraid from stealing your apps and waste your effort

As an iphone application developer, is one of the most paid job around the world.

Average salary of iphone application developer

also you can work as a freelance and the average working hour is between 10-100 $



Now here’s what it takes to get started.

1-You must have a simple code background in the concept of OOP

object oriented programming as the languages used to build iphone applications are Swift/obj-c, both of which are based on the concept of OOP

You should also have a simple background for the MVC (Model-View-controller) pattern.

2-The most important part is the presence of MAC device

This may be one of the biggest obstacles that the developer faces when you start this trip because of the high price of MAC devices

Although the price of the devices is expensive but it is worth it because first the MAC is one of the most important tools of the developer and the more sophisticated your tools the higher your performance

There are alternative solutions to owning a Mac, either by using the device, which is to install the Hackintosh system side by side with the windows by proving a dummy and installing the system, but your device must have good specifications including a hard drive of type SSD

I will speak by God willing in another article about how to install an imaginary device on your computer


You can start using the simulator on your computer but you have to have a real device to test your applications so that you can test the performance and specifications of your applications significantly

4-Developer Account 

You may not need this if you do not want to publish your own application, in case you are building an application for a customer, he must have a paid account.

You can start an unpaid account and you’ll need it if you want to test your apps on your iphone

If you want to test on other devices, you will need to have a paid account.

5. The Xcode programme

 And he is your friend in the next stage which will write and build your applications using it and is one of the best development environments and is specific to Apple and it works only on the MacOS


And last but not least you will have to have patience and determination because the journey is long and arduous and needs perseverance and ambition

If God willing we will start with the next article from the series in building applications

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