Where should I start?

Being a developer is very impressive and being able to build and execute many projects is worth the effort but always ask a lot of questions. 

Should I choose mobile application programming? Do I choose iphone or Android apps? or
do I prefer to choose web programming? Front & Mother Pak y
ou? Many frequently asked questions and t
he best answer to these questions is:

 It really doesnt matter. Go where your heart leads you.

Yes, where you choose your heart because being a programmer and building magical applications, it is as if you are an artist with a feather drawing to draw his creations, every artist uses a tool that fits with what he wants.  

Well the previous choices are the isize of your feather you choose as you want to be able to show your creations

A feather drawing to draw its creations every artist who uses a tool that is consistent wit
h what he wants as well as the previous choices is the isize of your feather that you choose as you want to be able to show your creations

Do not make the tools very important to you in this area but it is a way to achieve what you aspir
e to be a developer this means that he must master the use of tools crisis and you may have to learn more than one tool in order to arrive when you hope

Now let’s take an overview of the structure of the project, which consists 

As we see in the previous picture the basic ingredients of any project are

  • Front end: It is seen by the user and is addressed with the Project Services front-end may be
    the interface of the Web site or the mobile application interface
  • Server or server: It connects the interface to the storage rules and is the primary reason for the project and is responsible for all the operations and features offered by the project.
  • Database or storage: It contains data, user information, and everything the project needs to work

Now we’ll talk about each person’s work within the project and what each developer does to complete the project.


Is the person who initiates the project where he is the person responsible for transforming the ideas of the client to t
he understanding of the work of the project and presenting the creative ideas that solve the problems presented in front of the customer’s requests and what makes use of the application a beautiful experience in the eyes of the user

His tools are design programs and most famous

Photoshop, Sketch, AfterEffect…

 Front End developer & Web Developer

 is responsible for building the interface that the user addresses and which translates the designer’s ideas into usable interfaces

His tools are simply a text editor

Sublime text, PHP storm, Atom, brackets…

The languages they use are 


, but their job is only to create templates from the designs offered to them. All actual programs and background interactions are left with servers and databases for PAC & Devlober back-end software developers

Web Developer background or Back-end developer

It receives the designer’s output which is the design from the previous stage and writes the code that makes the site really work behind the scenes. Without this work, the site resembles a body without a soul. The function of the background programmer is more serious where it must work with different programming languages and libraries to make the site or project do what is required of it

such as doing a sign-in or searching for a specific article in the site

languages on which it may work

PHP, Python, Node.js, C#,

 Mobile Applications Developer

Mobile app developer is a relatively new participant in the presentation. Lately, there has been a big explosion in the use of smartphones and features, 

A mobile app developer typically builds applications that communicate with the server that has built the backend application developer or Web programmer so that the phone app complements the work of the site and contains some services and features that fit the size and capabilities of the phone

There were many platforms for mobile applications, but Android and iphone are the only ones still competing in this field.

The most popular and varied application developer tools 

Android Studio/(Java & Kotlin): for Android

Xcode/(Swift & obj-c): For IOS

This is how we have talked in a simplified way about each section in the process of building and developing applications, but God’s permission will be discussed in detail about each in a separate article to be able to build applications in the field that he desires

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